Comic 2 - Chapter 1 Page 1

10th Apr 2014, 11:19 PM in The Scourge of Duskend
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Chapter 1 Page 1
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Author Notes:

10th Apr 2014, 11:19 PM
So here's the first page! Sheriff Dusty fills everyone in on what's been going on in town and these Augustos kids don't sound like good news.


11th Apr 2014, 12:12 AM
Leaving the community to Ostracize the suspects. TOP TIER JUSTICE SYSTEM.

Did sheriff lose half his face in the war or from the kids? Will it be explained!?
11th Apr 2014, 12:19 AM
He didn't lose it from the kids, their antics aren't that mean-spirited. They're mostly accidents.

Dusty's robo-parts will be touched on this chapter but we won't get a full explanation for a while now.
11th Apr 2014, 9:21 PM
Wow! Those are some serious crimes!